The Bionic Six is a cartoon that has shown on US TV from 1987-88. The show only lasted for one season of 65 episodes. It was set in the "near" future, and consisted of a politically correct family. Jack Bennett (Bionic-1), the handsome father was a test pilot and gourmet chef. His beautiful red-haired wife Helen (Mother-1) is a marine biologist, with 4 children. Their pretty blonde-haired daughter Meg (Rock-1) was a Valley Girl, their brown-haired son Eric (Sport-1) was on the high school baseball team, the African-American son J.D. (IQ) was top of his class, and the Oriental son Bunji (Karate-1) was learning karate. They and Dr. Sharp had to constantly stop Dr. Scarab, Dr. Sharp's evil brother, from taking over the world. Dr. Scarab had 5 terrorists he created to help him in his evil deeds. The Bionic Six were given their powers by Dr. Sharp's bionizing machine, and were clearly superior to Dr. Scarab's technology. So Dr. Scarab often used tricky plots to try to capture or kill the Bionic Six while searching for the technological fountain of youth and immortality.

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